Not a dance school but a community

Hi I am Caddy, together with my friend Stephan or with my partner Jeroen, I teach biweekly Blues dance classes.

Our location

We teach blues dancing at the cafe de Gouden Bal. It’s one of the first Jazz cafes of the Nederland. It’s in the same family for already 3 generations. Respect and love for Blues is everywhere in this place. We dance at the little house behind the cafe as a proper Juke Joint spouses to be.

Not alone

Yeah I do this things all alone but I am not totally alone. I have lovely people around me, one of them is Gregor, he is dancing with Leen from Antwerpen blues scene in this picture. Jonne and Gregor are from Enschede Blues scene and they thought the Crash Course this year at the Ladybug Blues Weekend.

Drop-in classes

What does Drop-in means? ‘Tis shortly means that classes are open level, for any dancer, you pay if you come and you don’t have to be following classes to be understanding to this one. I design per class as an individual workshop.

I don’t have only friends whom speaks Dutch.

Taryn& Ollie and Ben (UK) are always ready to help me out with classes and off course there is no party without my DJ friends Stefan and Wiebke (DE).

Photo is from Taryn & Ben’s Dips&Tricks workshop this year at the Ladybug Blues.

Get in Touch

It’s not easy to show up to a dance class, if you hesitate please contact with me.