Classes are starting again (yaaayyyyy)

As usual, in every other week there will be classes on Tuesday night. First class is on 17th of September

Blues dancing is based in improvisation and is inextricably linked to blues musics.

Classes are all about what’s inspiring us to move in a given way — the music, ourself, our partner — while still staying true to the blues aesthetic. We will go and try to discover this connections.

Dancers of all skill levels are welcome in this classes, provided you already know how to lead/follow some version of an inside turn down the line. If not just come 15 min earlier to get a free private from me.

Classes are Drop-in. No need to register, just show up, it’s enough 😉

8-9 pm Drop-in class

9-10 pm Social (it mostly gets later hihi💃🏻)

1 class + social: 7,5€ (5€ student/concession)

Social dance only: 3-5€ (what you like to pay)

For more info and examples ;

IF you want to know how it looks like please enjoy my dear friends Sree & Dan’s first dance video

We are back to our old location cafe de Gouden Bal

What is blues dance? 🤔
Blues Dance is a family of African American vernacular dances, danced to Blues music; dances within this family are linked by shared aesthetics and techniques rooted in Black American traditions and historical context. But if you do want more information about or to see how it looks like please visit my facebook groep or instagram account, all called Blues Dance Eindhoven or if you like to see me dancing visit this link here

What is the program? 💁🏻‍♀️
We start with class at 8 pm, suited for all levels and complete beginners. After one hour dance class we will have our social from 9 pm.

Cost? 💶
7,5€ or pay what you can pay, oh but cash please ^.^

Teachers 🕺🏼💃🏻
Caddy is your teacher, and Stephan will be assisting.


Trio of Blues idiom dances.

What to wear? 👚
Something comfy, heels are rarely used in blues dancing so your comfy shoes👟 will be more than enough

Do I need a partner? 👯‍♀️
Nope, no need. We will take turns and dance with everybody.

We are a nice and warm bunch so if you have any questions please don’t hold it back, contact me via messenger or how ever you like. We all know how it is to be new to somewhere 😉
Hope to see you and dance with you.

Here I have some links for you : If you have any questions please contact with me.

Money never get to be standing in the way of our love for dance

You can always volunteer at the classes or events to get discount.

Our community looks after for each other.

Any further questions please do contact me without any hesitation.

 Big Blues Hugs,


Teacher&Founder of Blues Dance Eindhoven