Dear dancer,

There won’t be any regular dance class coming up this year.
Off course I will be continue teaching, just internationally and  I am really looking forward to see you in August at the Ladybug Blues Weekend in Eindhoven.

I am just being honest with you the reason is that after 3 years doing this alone (or with irregular dance partners and assistances) I am just way to tired. I have canceled my last class because idea of teaching that night literally made me ill.

I should remind you why I have started teaching Blues regularly in Eindhoven. It was because of my burn out I wasn’t capable of doing nothing, even not my own groceries but teaching Blues was making me happy and making me feel like a super hero ^.^

As you can hear, it’s not serving to it’s purpose anymore and this is just my life with my burn out. I have learn to accept and move on from something if it’s not serving me anymore.

I am sure I will see you somewhere in the Nederland or Belgium or Germany… and we will have a great dance together but I can’t keep up with regular classes, organizing them, preparing them, teaching them…

I would also like to tell you what is taking my time lately. It’s painting and illustrating.

I need to make more time for my paintings and also need to have more motivation to finish this wonderful illustration project I am working on. I can not do it if there is this one thing in my life keep making me tired.

I hope you understand me,

much love


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