As I say, not a dance school but a community so our group made the decision, we moved to Studio 19, Hurksestraat 19.

We are very happy in our new location besides location there is not much changed. At 7 pm we start with Smokin’ Feet class and at 8:15 pm starts the Fundementals course that been followed with social dancing till 11pm. (2 more classes to go, 4-18 May)

So since we are in a dance studio please take your dance shoes with you or any relax shoe but the one you were just wearing outside. We don’t want to damage the floor guys, it’s very important.

One of the other changes is the price, it’s 10€ class +social, only social is 5€.

But what to do for the rest of the time ;

Due to the warmer weather we take it a bit easy this time; we’ll melt Lindy Hop with some Blues. No worries if Blues is foreign to you, Caddy (Blues Dance Eindhoven) will first give a beginners taster Blues at 3pm.
The remainder of the afternoon she will play some of her favourite Blues tunes alternated with Lindy Hop music by DJ Maikel.

Yeah I am teacing at this event so I will be there fro sure. Specially if you want to learn more about cultural aspects of Blues dancing and maybe even would like to follow a teacher training that this is your event, that’s for sure.

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