Ladybug Blues Weekend

First of all let me start with that, this absolutely a non-profit event. All the income will be used to pay locations and teachers. This is why I don’t have nice decorations or franchise but will try this year better.

Dates are 22-23 August 2020

Price is 100€

8 hours of open level workshops

2 live music parties on Friday and Saturday

And as you know much much more

We will again have Crash course and because of the Blues Crash Course, this is one of the most beginners friendly event evveeeeerrrrrrrr

No party pass, per party is 10€ please pay at the door, cash

Click here  for registration please, as you know one of our core believes is “money doesn’t get to stand on the way of a dancer” so if you need any other help or discount please contact me.

For now if you would like to take a look at last year’s after movies, here is the link ☺️💃🏻

Or the year before is here


Our teacher line-up ;

Off course our friends from across the ocean, Taryn (USA) & Ollie (UK) 

Because of your request my favorite Avustralian is coming back with more “Dips & Tricks” , Ben Ernsten-Birns 

My favorite Berliner and dear friend, graceful dancer Leanna (AKA Rosa Lee) (DE) will be joining us for the first time this year. She is taking her newly wed husband Stefano (Sliding Wolf) (DE) with her for our parties.

Would you like to listen to him, here are very nice links chosen by Wolf himself specially for you. ;

People who will make our parties even more fun:

Mr.Gin from Hannover

Spicy Ginger from Bonn

Ollie from Newcaste

(Still looking for a DJ from Belgium, if you know one please connect me with)

and off course the best live music from Van Tastik, would you like to know how he does sound? For his Spotify album klick here please 😉


Ladybug Blues Weekend full-pass


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