lil’Ladybug Blues & Fusion Exchange

lil’Ladybug full pass

2 parties with live music, 2 hours workshop, all the skill shares, chees tasting are inc. this price. You need to bring your own meet or vegetable for BBQ and you will pay for your own brunch.


Hello dancer,

First of all let me start with that, this absolutely a non-profit event. All the income will be used to pay locations and activities. Just take your dance with you, any dance you do and let us take care the rest 🤗🐞💃🏻

This year me and Wiebke(DE) prepared a nice dance/discussion kind of session about fusion dance as our contribution to “skill share”.So if you have any talent that you want to share with us, get ready because we want you, we need you! 🤗

lil’Ladybug Blues & Fusion Exchange will be in 25-26 April !!!

If you really can’t work with payment button (no credit card or else) , I still do have a link for you to register and it is here

Price is 50€

Here is a little after movie from last year


Saturday workshop: Bridges & Gabs, 2 hours workshop : Connection is the central bridge between partners in any dance style. This class will explore old and new points of connection between you and your partner that you can transfer to both Blues & Fusion music, whilst discovering gaps in the music to reset and ground yourself. Plus, we’ll take care of that all important bridge between your mind and your body so that it will keep you safe and steady no matter what the style of music and dance.

•Skill share: first ideas already start to came in, like Acro-yoga workshop, little Dutch course ☺️


•Sunday Brunch (extra)

•Cheese & wine tasting

•More dancing / skill share

•BBQ (extra)


Wiebke started dancing in 2009. Back then she started with Ballroom, Latin and Lindy hop dances. In 2016 her focus moved to Blues dancing. Besides this she always was a very “expressive” disco dancer 😛 Her long acting experience in different theater plays is the source of her nice posture and ability to use space. This all fuse beautifully and defines what kind of dancer she is. She is one of the DJ’s of Ladybug Blues events and we are very proud to have her in our little community.

When she is not dancing on the dance floor she makes bacteria’s and her colleagues dance in the laboratory 🤗

Caddy started dancing before she could walk on the tables at family gatherings in Mediterranean cost. She‘s danced her whole life, Ballet, oriental dance, folklore dancing, all kind of social dances, show dancing you name it! Eventually, her dance journey brought her to the Blues – and she found a love she cannot help but share with the world. Okay, okay, she‘s starting a bit smaller – bringing the Blues to the one and only Eindhoven since 2018.

Caddy has travelled around Europe and the world to improve her Blues dancing at International Events. Next to this she also follows teacher trainings from very good names in Blues dancing in Europe and USA and is trained to become a professional Dance instructor in the Nederland (AALO opleiding) With her diverse dance background, she has a variety of styles to combine together in her dancing – and welcome to Fusion! She is creative not only in her dancing, but also in organising events. This being the 5th Event in Eindhoven she organises, you can be sure that it‘s going to be legen- wait for it – DARY!

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