lil’Ladybug Blues Exchange

Hello dancer,

Hier under you will see lots of information about 2019’s Lil’Ladybug. There will be another one in 2020, just stay tuned please ^.^

First of all let me start with that, this absolutely a non-profit event. All the income will be used to pay locations and activities.

Second of all, I would love to share my motivation with you, very shortly. Last year in September we organized Ladybug Blues and we had lot’s of fun with that. It was a kick off event so there wasn’t many local dancers. So lil’Ladybug is an exchange so local and non-local dancers can exchange their experiences because now there are local blues dancers in Eindhoven yaayyyyyy.

here is your link for your registration

here bellow is more information for your registrty 😉

Your full pass is 40€

Party pass is 25€

Each party in the door 10€

And detailed program is Here




We will have an exchange with Taryn & Ollie. There will be workshops from them and from our DJ’s but it’s going to be all about dancing and parties and brunch and an afternoon dance…

Friday Activities

Your very first activity is at 4pm,  Mandala workshop at The Living Museum. What is the Living Museum you asked, “It’s a place that everybody whom walks in called an artist from the moment they stepped in” says Ron, to me it’s the place I can geek out with other artists while working on my piece and it’s a place I always left with a better feeling than I arrived. So what about to become an Living museum artist for an hour and paint your own mandala to take home with you 🙂

Your second activity is City Walk together with Tessa, at 5 pm and your walk will start from The Living museum. It’s an hour walk so you will be finished before dinner starts.

🗣Friday evening***(8pm-2am)

We will meet up at the Cafe de Goudenbal. It’s where I teach Blues. We would like to have you over in our official location and our DJ’s Mr.Gin. Mr.Gin will be playing all kind of blues rooted muziek in Friday night.

and Spicy Ginger

are preparing great sets for you. That night we also enjoy all kind of Blues rooted music next to authentic Blues music 🤗

There is no limit to the surprises, Blues Dance Eindhoven is a community and we all bringing this event to you with love. In this weekend me and John(Battle on the dance floor workshop) not the only one who prepared a workshop for you. Our next dancer who will appear in this event to make it even better is The Purple Magician Quintus. He will be at Friday’s party, come get impressed with us!

If you want to know more about him;

👀What to expect on Saturday night party?

For starters dinner😋 at the party location. An epic DJ battle between Mr.Gin and Ollie.

And we are not finished yet, live music from Van Tastic. He is a 3th generation Blues singer and he just loves seeing dancers enjoying his songs. (

👁 and Sunday?
We will have brunch together at the location (Studio 19, also out new location) we will be spending an afternoon full of dancing.

💁🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍💻Any questions, please do contact me via the contact form.

💶Price is 40€.

🗣 We give some space to modern Blues music and music rooted in Blues. This includes for example Motown, Soul, Funk, R&B etc.