About me

In our classes Caddy is your teacher and she has various assistants to help her out.

Caddy is a life long dancer; as any dancer she also started with classic ballet, but in a summer camp she encountered the folk dance. She loved all the colourful clothes and cultural aspects of it. This is why you can spot her at the Balfolk events. She dances Blues, Lindyhop, West Coast Swing too. She is back to Ballet and also does contemporary dance together with her dance group and put various shows on stage.

After she discovered that she inherited her Greek and Iranian ancestors hip movements she started to do oriental dancing in professional level when she was a teenager. This experience on the stage lead to show dancing, she did that for a living for almost 10 years in Turkey, and moved to the Nederland almost 10 years ago. She has a university degree in mechanical engineering and two collage degrees in psychiatry. Caddy designs her own graphics and logo’s and she is proud human of her furry daughter Rey.

Her very first Blues dance workshop weekend was in Delft (Hagelslag Blues december 21, 2015).

She traveled all over Europe the last years to learn more about Blues dance and especially the cultural aspects of it. She came home again with many stories to tell, so she felt it’s time to teach Blues dance and share this love with the rest of the world.

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